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The Yoga of Alignment

How it Works

Just as in the physical body, where we might use ultrasound (sound waves) to break up problematic stones that form in the body tissue, we use chant (sound waves with intention) to break up blockages that form in the energy body.

YOFA Chant is energetically programmed to accomplish specific tasks in the energy field.

When you register on this page, you receive instant access to the recorded training, as well as a guaranteed seat in the live online workshop for members only. With these two powerful and complimentary trainings, you will gain the ability to use chant as a problem solving instrument.


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1) Instantly - You will receive the full Access Chant #1 Training, "How to Solve Your Problems Using Chant #1 of the Access Album"  In this training (streaming audio with mp3s you can download and play on your device) you will learn the specifics of using the YOFA Chant "Tat Tvam Asi" for maximum effectiveness and for problem solving. You will also receive the mp3 download of the chant.

2) Live Webcast - When it is scheduled, you will have exclusive access to the live, online event where we will go even deeper into the power of chant and together we will practice a simple technique that instantly deepens and strengthens your practice. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions and receive live coaching from me on the call.  If you can't make it live,  you will be able to send in your questions in advance.  And even if you sign up after the event, you will receive the recording of the event.

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