“YooHooo!” My teenage self is waving to me…

Hello from Rebbie of the past!

“YooHooo!” …

I know I often write to you about energy sessions and webinars, etc.

Well… Today is a bit different.

Today I’m parting the curtain and sharing something more personal. (In fact, it’s the kind of personal that makes me feel a little vulnerable.)

Here it is…

The One with the Guitar

I’m not sure why, but whenever I get even close to sharing my music I feel somewhat vulnerable.  It wasn’t always like this.

As a teenager in the late 60’s and early 70’s I almost always had a guitar over my shoulder.

I suppose it is true that we all looked pretty much alike back then. If I showed you a group picture, and said, “I’m the one with the long hair, frayed bell bottoms, and wire-rimmed glasses, well, you’d have trouble picking me out of the crowd.

The Case…

Rebbie's ancient guitar case

Can you see me carrying this around everywhere as a teenager?

But there was that guitar case (I still have it!), permanently fixed over my shoulder, possibly giving me a slight edge at individuality. On second thought, just about everyone else played guitar, too.

I recall telling my mother I was not going to college. I was heading out as a folksinger and I would just see where the path takes me.

Here’s a picture of me (about 1971?) playing at a “Hootenany” at the Bitter End in NYC.  It was a thing back then.  People were folksingers and I was one of them.






Thanks Mom

It’s many years later now. I often thank my mother’s spirit for somehow convincing me to head off to college anyway. I don’t know exactly how she did it, but I’m grateful that by the time the chiropractic light bulb went on over my head, I at least had a bachelor’s degree to start from.

Well, like I said, it’s many years later now and my teenage self is jumping up and down, trying to get my attention. She’s swinging the guitar by the neck as if to flag me down.

Something is Happening…

She knows I’m about to do something she never got to do. In those days it wasn’t possible. She didn’t have the technology. She didn’t have the internet. She sees me perched and she wants to be a part of it. And of course I want her to be a part of it too.

I also want you to be a part of it.  I’ll tell you more and share what your part in all this is very soon.






24 thoughts on ““YooHooo!” My teenage self is waving to me…

  1. Wow. Pretty exciting that you are including us in this. Thanks for the message and I look forward to the next update. Take Care Rebbie, Happy Monday.

    • haha the good old days! Not sure what grade we were in but I sure do remember sitting in your living room strumming away. 🙂

  2. Oh great, you once sent a meditation that I download in my music and can’t find. I even purchased it. Would love to read purchase it . It was around the holidays, hope you can help.

  3. Thank you for sharing yourself with me. I started writing at 9 & singing in choir about then as well. Bless you kindred spirit*

  4. It must be the moon! Last 2 nights I’ve been having retro dreams of ppl in high school and a girlfriend I wished I had! 1974!!!!

  5. I say go for it. I started playing banjo and guitar in the 60’sand too, and stayed with it. Music is a lifelong joy.

  6. Rebbie that is awesome!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing your vulnerability I love it. You have a beautiful voice and your music touches all of our spirits and souls. So happy to hear the great news.

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