I Need Your Advice (please!) It’s about more than music…

[Note: In case you’re wondering, this post is a follow up to this]

Jasmine with my “Vanilla Guitar”

I know I kind of left you hanging with my last (unusually personal) post about my teenage years and my guitar, etc.

It’s just that I’ve been very back and forth about this.  In fact, up until this very minute I was not really sure if I wanted to go ahead with this at all.  I wasn’t ready to announce this yet.

It means going in a completely new direction and revealing a very personal side of myself. (Actually I’m still not 100% sure about this at all!)

So, even though I’ve been reluctant to share this personal work and music (that I use for myself), I am now at least tipping toward doing it. And when I look at my soul’s intention, I do think it is actually long overdue. So here goes…

Shine Your Light

As you might have noticed, I loooooove helping people shine their light. It’s one of my absolute favorite things to do.

When someone “lights up” as a result of my coaching, or energy sessions, or meditation practice, well, something in me glows brighter too.

I get emails like this and I know I’m on the right track:
(This one is from a recent energy clearing webcast)


This is just one email because I obviously can’t share all of them from all the years here. But if you have written to me, please know that I deeply appreciate knowing that my work assists you in finding your truth, your joy, and your jhe.

And here is the interesting thing. Over the years I have gotten many, many emails that make reference to my speaking voice. (Strange?!?) This has always been very surprising to me.

But now, as I am considering sharing my music with you as a transformational tool, I feel encouraged to move in this new direction, partly thanks to the many emails that span years. Here are just a couple (Thanks these people and to all who have written similarly):






I’m truly touched by these messages.

And so here I am. Teeter-tottering on the edge of …

…not only releasing a CD of original spiritual chants/songs, (yes, quite a departure from the old folksinger groove) but also thinking of teaching you how to use this music to tune your vibration, elevate your spiritual connection, and manifest more purely.

You see, when I was younger, my music used to be a vehicle for expression and performance. This has changed dramatically over the years.

It has become a very personal part of my spiritual path and I rarely if ever share my music with more than family and a couple of close friends. (And yes, I have put a few songs up on YouTube for the YOFA Community.)

But the time has come for me to release some of my songs for real. You’ll have them very soon. In fact they are in the process of being published on itunes, Amazon, etc. But the big question goes beyond the entertainment value of the songs.

And this is where you come in.

Even though it is a very personal and metaphysical inspiration that has been sourcing my new music, I’m seriously considering including you in it all by letting you in on the more esoteric aspects of how to use this music as a tool for:

  • Sitting Meditation
  • Meditation in Action
  • Spiritual Awakening
  • Healing
  • Manifestation
  • And More

This would mean sharing things that I’ve never publicly shared with ANYONE about using sound, music, and chant to transform your life in any direction you want to go.

(I would have loved having this training for myself, but it simply does not exist!)

If I Do This it Will Be a Lot of Work

I’m excited about sharing my music with you. But the question really is, “How deep do you want to go with this?”

I’m thinking about not only releasing the songs (that’s already in the works), but also showing you how to use them to get the most power out of them.

But if there is one thing I have learned about myself, it is that seemingly small projects quickly get out of hand and turn into big ones. (Just ask my family!)

I only want to do this (teach you the metaphysics of how to use these songs) if there is enough interest.

So I want to know:

  • What do you think?
  • Would you be interested in learning how to use these chants?
  • Which of the list above (meditation, healing, etc.) interests you most?

Your feedback and thoughts are absolutely the fuel and inspiration that keep this project going.

And I don’t want to even think about doing this until there is enough potential interest.

So, if you have a moment, please leave a comment below and let me know what you think. If you’re too shy to post, you can email me at rebbie(at)yofa.net, but since email can frequently get lost in the mountains of spam, I’d love it if you could simply post your thoughts right here in the comments.

It would mean a lot to me, and I’ll do my best to respond to each comment (and email).

With Love,




28 thoughts on “I Need Your Advice (please!) It’s about more than music…

  1. If you are interested in doing this, I think you should. I probably would not use it for meditation because I prefer to meditate in silence. (Nothing against your voice, which is lovely). I’ve been meditating for 28 years, but for sure there are others who would be interested. I’m also quite sensitive to voices and music, since I’m a professional singer and an aspiring voice over artist. There are others out there who have put their voices to affirmations, meditations, etc., and I think the appeal of each depends on a combination of the message, the voice/music, and the quality of the recording, as well as individual tastes. Also thinking about the Law of Attraction, which you’ve mentioned, no reason to doubt. If this makes you happy, shouldn’t you go ahead, and let the Universe take care of the hows?

    • Go for it! I’d rather just hear the music and then decide how to use it or not. I get anxious with all your questions and explanations about how or why you haven’t put it out in the world yet… I’m sure it touches a personal place in my own resistance. Do it, Rebbie! ✨

      • Thanks for your input Celeste and Kristin!

        Celeste, the music is definitely being released. What’s in question is about showing folks who are interested how to go deeper with this. I only want to create a training around these chants if there is interest. This is not to replace silent meditation. This is specifically about the use of mantra and sound.

        Kristin, lol, it is certainly not my intention to trigger anxiety in you! Probably best to ignore the rest of this thread. It’s all about releasing resistance and coming into alignment with your essence. If my blog posts are not taking you there, I say ignore them! 🙂

        Ok, looks like the tally right now as leaning toward me not creating this. Let’s see if others chime in.

        Thanks for your input! Much appreciated.

  2. I think it is a magnificent idea Rebbie and that you should absolutely do it.
    I have always loved your voice and this idea seems to be a very natural and authentic expression of all your passions.

    I am not sure of my ability to take on any more expenses right now, but if I thought I could, my interests would be meditation in action, healing, and manifestation.

    I chanted when I was in Siddha Yoga years ago, and was always amazed by its profoundly transformational qualities. In the beginning there was sound!

    I look forward to hearing more!

    • Thanks Pamela. Meditation in action is very much at the core of this so I’m glad to hear that interests you. I will keep you posted as this unfolds. I will only do this if there is sufficient interest, so let’s see where it goes!

  3. I think if yourear is telling you to do this you should. I don’t know how I would use it. I’d need to hear it first to decide.

  4. What I loved about listening to James Taylor and Joni Mitchell and all the Windham Hill artists on a bus ride to Boston was how it would take me out of my own overcrowded NYC bike messenger bed Stuy living life and into the gracefulness…how wonderful that was in 1984-85….also this guy from the chorus and I were helping each other out with self help stuff and he really liked your voice !! So anyway to conclude…U remember staring out the bus window with my headphones on listening to joni or James and being carried away into some kind of renewal…your songs probably already have the power to take us into that beautiful part of ourselves…please share your music with us….!!

    • Thanks Rob! This new music that’s coming out is kind of different from my folk roots. It’s spiritual chant/songs – but I’m pretty sure the old folky in me shows through here and there. 🙂 Thanks for the kind words! Hope you enjoy it!

  5. If your feedback has been that your voice has “power”, and you have always been drawn to Music in this way, I say GO FOR IT! It’s funny, I have a slightly similar draw to music, all I have left to work with would be my voice. I never learned guitar, and my present disability would make learning very difficult. Piano was once my instrument, but access to one was long ago, and the computer keyboard is challenging enough, lol. Vocals were always my love, as well. Story telling and guided meditations, my most recent works. I too had been drawn to sharing those, but had not yet found the “way to”… or perhaps not seen enough signs? I am considering this one of MY Signs, to continue to look into what it will take, so I am saying to YOU, consider this a Sign, as well. People are meant to cross our Path for a Reason. I rarely click on the links in emails, as I go through the 100s of spam, often missing the great pieces that I should be catching, but I clicked Here, Today. Make Music! Share Your Song! Regardless of whomever else it will touch, it will help to Free YOUR Spirit! <3

    • Yes! Signs everywhere! Just to be clear, the music is on its way out and if you want it, it will find its way to you soon. That is not in question. My question is really do you want to work with this music? Do you want to make it a priority to dive into yourself using this music as your sled? I’m checking to see if there are enough people interested for me to put the time and energy into creating a training program for spiritual awakening using this music as a tool. I’ll make that more clear in my next post. I’m happy to be a sign for you too! Thanks for your input! Most appreciated.

  6. Yes go for it Rebbie. I too love your voice. I loved the chanting we did in your meetings. I would be interested also in meditation in action, healing and spiritual awakening. Lots of luck to your new adventure. Blessed to be. A part of it.

    • Thanks Arlene! I’m glad you’re interested in going further with the chanting. I think you’ll like the power of this. Those meetings were fun with everyone singing weren’t they?

  7. I would say Yes, please do it Rebbie. I’m sure it would be well received by many of us. Meditation in action, Healing and Manifestation are all subjects that interest me.
    So, Yes, Go for it

    • Hi Vegari,
      Thanks for the vote of confidence! I’m glad these subjects interest you. More to come…
      All the best,

  8. your chanting – your voice as profound effect on me – so do it !!!! you don’t have anything to loose by doing it – and it might touch people who have never heard of this.
    i want to learn how to use the chants in all areas you mentioned on the list. wish you a bubble of smooth for your journey into the public with your music and voice.
    love, joy

    • Thank you Joy! I am happy to receive a bubble of smooth! 🙂 So glad you are opening so profoundly to the music. This is a rich journey and I look forward to sharing more with you.
      All the best,

  9. This is interesting Rebbie. I have experienced music and chant and voice in Vancouver with Jerry de Voignes and in South Africa also on a ‘ spiritual safari’. What you propose sounds similar. I would use your music for sitting meditation and spiritual awakening. Your voice is perfect for guiding people deeper.

    • Thanks so much Rona. Every piece of the musical puzzle leads us closer to feeling the Universal Hum. I’m very happy to offer one of the music vehicles on your journey! You can start using this first chant right away. It is an excellent entry point into sitting meditation. And spiritual awakening is embedded in this mantra.

  10. Your voice itself is a very clear channel of your presence, your work. It is a great choice to utilize that musically ~ Intention leads to success. I will use it, yes!

    • Thanks Tom! I know we have similar musical roots and I’m delighted to have you joining in the vibration of my new sounds.

  11. Hi Rebbie,
    Yes, Yes, Please, I am very interested in hearing & learning these chants.
    You have a Beautiful Speaking & Singing Voice,
    I Am all for you sending your creations out into the world & to us & to me !
    Your music & teachings always inspire, calm & I Love Them.
    Thank You, from, Laura

  12. Yes, I always appreciate all of your “offerings”. I believe you to be “aware of” and “using” your gifts. If you can help Humanity along its journey to become more peaceful and have more ease, you have my sincere gratitude and appreciation. Being a practioner of Nichiren Daishonins’ Buddhism, http://www.sgi-usa.org and chanting nam-myo-ho-renge-kyo, i resonate with so much of what you have to say when i have telephoned in and I value and respect your life. Thank you for sharing yourself.

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