Here’s the First Track…

To get the maximum benefit from this music, use headphones, sit upright, and practice the meditation processes described in the book “Rooted in the Infinite.” Also listen while walking and doing chores. Some tracks can be beneficial for sleep. Do not listen while driving.

First of all, thanks to those who have offered such helpful and candid feedback.

[By the way, if you just landed here, you can catch up with the first post and the second post to get up to speed.]

Your comments have helped me see 2 main things:

  1. I wasn’t clear about my question
  2. You need to hear some of the music!

So let’s fix these up right now.

1 – The Music is Not in Question

guitar-twitterOne thing that I realized from the comments I’m getting is that I was not clear in communicating my question to you.

So thank you to those who have been encouraging me to move forward with my music.  I am very grateful for the encouragement and I assure you that I am doing that.  I’m actually quite involved in writing, creating, and producing, and it is one of the primary places where I am concentrating my energy and attention.

And I love hearing comments about your music too, from seasoned professionals to buds waiting to blossom. So, yes, I am making music again, and it’s new and different from what it used to be, and whether I end up releasing lots of it or not, I am definitely in a creative phase right now, and loving it!

So whether or not I’m moving forward with music is not the question…

The Question is This:

What if you could use this music to concentrate your energy and attention toward a whole new level of spiritual awakening?  Would you be interested in doing that with me?

The music will be there for you either way.

OmBut I will only create this training if there is enough interest.  And so my question to you is about that.  Do you want to engage in a spiritual and metaphysical exploration that opens you to new levels of awareness, perception, and manifestation?  That’s what we’ll be doing together if I create this program and you come on board.

So please let me know (in the comments) if the idea of spiritual awakening and transformation through music lights you up.

2 – Of course, you want to hear the music first…

The other thing that I’m hearing in the previous comments is that you want to hear the music before you decide if you want the training or not.


That makes a lot of sense.  So let’s do that right now!

I’ve arranged it so that if you can stream the first track right here in this page (scroll up and hit the play button),

And even better than that, if you pre-order the music HERE you’ll get the first track immediately for download (even though the album will not be officially released until August 8, 2016)!

Pretty cool, eh?

Take a listen and see if this music speaks to you.  If so, let me know in the comments and pre-order to download your first track.  You’ll get the rest as soon as it’s officially released.  If not, that’s fine too.  At least now you’ll have an idea of where we’re headed.

I’m looking forward to seeing where you will take this!

At the edge of my seat,











12 thoughts on “Here’s the First Track…

  1. It’s beautiful. Would like to order , however, I thought I was confused before, I am more so now. Price or more?
    I have also written about another piece you wrote for meditation. I need to look to see if it is on your website. Could for sure benefit clients during reiki sessions.

    • Thank you Noreen. Don’t worry about the “or more”. You can just pay the posted price.

      See if this is the guided meditation you are talking about:

      Or if you are referring to my music, you might look here:
      You’ll find youtube videos with chants/songs there.

      If you still need help, you can always email me at rebbie(at)

      I’m so happy you are tuning in to the music and wanting to share it with your clients. I’m honored.

      All the best,

  2. What a wonderful way to begin my new day, listening to your beautiful enlivening heart opening MUSIC ~ I love it! You are so Amazing Rebbie… what I wouldnt give to find avenues of true self expression! With Gratitude for your sharing your Journey, your MANY spendid colored Gifts, your heart and now your MUSIC, Love Lorrie

  3. Harmonious music that needs to be played on a mass consciousness level, i.e. “We interrupt this show to bring you this quick break for your spirit mind and body.(this wonderful music plays.) We now return you to your life and hope that it is more fulfilled now that you have listened.

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