Can You Really Recycle Your Wasted Time?

Have you heard this new YOFA Chant yet?

[Note #1: So I’m thinking about giving away a free product for you… that is IF you’re potentially interested in using the new YOFA Chants for spiritual awakening. I’ve already started creating this free product for you, but It’s still going to take some significant work for me to complete it, so before I go any further with this, I want to make sure you actually want it.  (I have fun creating all this stuff and then the geek in me has to sit down and do all the work!) More details at the bottom of this article.]

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[Note #2: In case you’re wondering, this post is a FOLLOW UP TO THIS POST and a few others which you can find once you’re there.  It is the responses to these posts that are guiding my process.  I want you to have the training that you are specifically seeking.]

The Story of How YOFA® Chant Came About

As most of you know from reading my book, I have devoted myself to the spiritual application of Law of Attraction.

Which has a lot to do with meditation. And meditation is easy for some people.

But not me.

Or at least it wasn’t until I discovered the system that I describe in the book Rooted in the Infinite. The YOFA® System of Inner Alignment is the most effective system of meditation (for me) for wrangling the busy, disruptive, egocentric mind into an energized and beneficial partner in life.

But you still have to do it in order to get the results. And quite frankly, you and I don’t always find the time, or make it a priority. (Well, maybe you do, but I don’t.)   And even when we do, we can still use some support while we’re not sitting in meditation, and while we’re doing everything else we do.

And so…

I Knew It Had to Get Easier…

Spirit is simple. God is everywhere. I knew there had to be an effortless way to tap into the Divine Love, the Inner Peace, and the Spiritual Ecstasy of pure consciousness that is our true nature. It suddenly became very clear to me.

What’s easier than listening to music? What is more effortless than swaying to a steady rhythm or humming a familiar melody?

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This is when it occurred to me that music is the universal spiritual solvent. When properly and deliberately applied:

  • It dissolves the ego
    • Spiritual practice aims at this but music can accomplish it instantaneously.
  • It makes memorization effortless
    • Words have power. By memorizing certain beneficial phrases or sacred verses, we can nourish our field of consciousness. We automatically memorize songs when the lyrics repeat.
  • It fills the space of consciousness and displaces everything else.
    • Have you ever tried to hum a song when a different song is playing? It’s very difficult! When you fill your consciousness with deliberate music, you displace unwanted mental patterns.

I Wonder What the Neighbors Think…

A melody will often come to me while I’m walking my dog. And so there I am, singing into my iPhone on Jackson Avenue, nodding to the school bus drivers waiting for the kids to descend, smiling at the toddlers wanting to pet my furry companion, and doing my best to stay focused on the new chant that is coming through.

Sometimes these melodies stay on my phone literally for years before they turn into anything. I might use them in the silence of my process. I might invite them to work for me in different situations.

But basically, they get moved from phone to phone. They sit there until their time is right. But I treat them with respect because they were able to cut through the mental patterns of my conscious mind and be heard by me. And once they become a full blown chant, they work for me very powerfully.

An Unexpected Reason Not to Listen in the Car

People laugh at me when I say, “Don’t listen while driving.” But I mean it! Even my speaking voice has been known to cure insomnia, so please don’t listen while driving! But here’s a note I got about one of my chants from someone with another reason not to listen in the car:

“I’m pulling over to tell u it is beautiful and I’m balling. It touched my heart. Fantastic”

Music can touch us deeply. And deliberate music can work for us effortlessly. And profoundly.

Bamboo Chants Work Fast

There’s an old story of the Chinese bamboo tree. You can water it and nurture it for a whole year and nothing shows. Two years go by. Then three. It seems useless. Nothing is happening. Four years later, still nothing. And then after five years the tree will grow to 80 feet in just 6 weeks!

Much of this music that I’m about to release has been dormant on my phone, on my computer, in my creative awareness, in my guitar, all over the place in my life, dormant for many years.

It is Sprouting

And not only is the music coming forward now, but so is its very specific effectiveness. It is growing at a rapid pace (even though the music can be quite slow). This music “meditates you.”

Whether you choose to sit on a cushion and engage in a formal meditation practice or you just want to do the dishes or cut vegetables, your headphones become your partner in awakening. I’m thrilled to be presenting the first track here and I’m really looking forward to sharing the next three tracks with you.

So Here’s What I’m Coming To… Here’s What I’m Considering… Here’s What Can Be Yours (Maybe)…

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Here’s the deal.

The amount of time that you are doing mindless tasks or chores in your life far exceeds the amount of time you are sitting and meditating, even if you have a solid regular practice.

All that time is pure gold.

But it is usually wasted.

It is brilliant, shimmering potential spiritual wealth, but goes down the drain every single day.

Chant recycles wasted timeI’d like to suggest an alternative: Instead of wasting all that time, mine it.

Because with each passing day, minutes, probably hours go by unconsciously, without being harvested. All that time, or any part of it, can be used in your effortless spiritual practice.

Time wasted cannot be recovered. But you can start at any time and begin moving yourself into greater joy, greater harmony, and a more pure state of inner peace by simply using even a small portion of that time to effortlessly tune yourself to your essence. You simply let the music “meditate you.”

The Time Has Come for an Effortless Spiritual Practice That Recycles the Wasted Moments in the Day and Uses Them to Build Your Spiritual Awakening and to Raise Your Vibration

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It’s time for you to be more spiritually efficient with your time. If you have trouble finding time to meditate, use the time when you are doing other things to elevate your awareness and purify your point of attraction.

I want this for you if you want this for you. I know that you can alter your reality, shift your consciousness, and begin manifesting on a whole new level, by simply using the time that you have been throwing away each and every day.

I want to Make a Free Training For You If You’re Interested in Using These Chants as Effortless Metaphysical Tools

I’ve been privileged to do remote energy work with people for many years now. (I lose count!) Now, the idea of using music to achieve certain results in your life is filling the air around me and it is intoxicating!

I will be releasing the first four tracks on an EP called Access on August 8th, 2016. You can just listen to them while you do other things and that will work. But some of you will want to go deeper. And I want to know who you are.

So… to test the waters, I’m thinking about making a value packed 100% free product for you: “The Basics of Effortless Chant”

If you’re serious about recycling even some of your wasted time, and turning it into beneficial awakening, here is what “The Basics of Effortless Chant” will include:

  • A 3-Part Audio eCourse
  • You’ll get the first part instantly, then part 2 the next day, and part 3 the day after that.
  • Learn the 2 main modes of chant
  • Use a surprisingly simple visualization to get the chant working for you
  • A brief basic YOFA Chant recording (Included for download)
  • Find out the role of the conscious mind in boosting the power of the chant
  • Discover the role of the unconscious in using the chant to create a profound shift
  • Start harvesting lost time and making it work for you

But Here’s the Catch

I know myself, and I’ve seen myself do this before. I have a tendency to blow this way out of proportion and make this a bigger package than it needs to be (or than you even want!)
So before I get carried away, I want to get a list of everyone who is interested in this free “Basics of Effortless Chant”

So Here’s What I Want You To Do

I’m making a list of everyone potentially interested in getting my free “Basics of Effortless Chant” training AND getting in at the start of all this.

Anyway, if you’re interested, then click one of the links on this page to add your name and email, and if I end up creating it, I’ll send it to you at the email address you give me (leaving a comment with what you’d like to get from this freebie would also help).


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If enough people get on this “interest list” then I’ll complete this free thing and send it to EVERYONE on the interest list.

If no one wants the free “Basics of Effortless Chant”  then no worries.  It’s summertime. I’ll sit outside and enjoy the breeze. 🙂

With Love,

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5 thoughts on “Can You Really Recycle Your Wasted Time?

  1. Rebbie,
    I was sure I sent you a YES, Please & Thank you Reply,
    However, If I thought I Did & Did not or I Did – well here I AM
    Saying – Writing – YES, PLEASE & THANK YOU.
    I AM SO into you doing this. I LOVE the first track & cannot stop listening to it for long. Your Speaking Voice (in your Teachings & Webinars) is Wonderfully, Fun, Funny, Interesting, Educational, Inspirational, Light & Easy to Listen & Learn with. Your Singing voice in everything I have heard, your chants & previous music is a Gift, Guiding Light, a Blessing & It Uplifts My Heart, While Calming Me And Even, Yes, Moving Me To Tears, Laughter & Joy!
    So, Please , Honor Me – & ALL of Us by bringing out these Chants. Just in time for the One (& Only One) Beautiful Birthday Gift I will Receive this year.
    Thank You.
    With So much Love & Gratitude, To You,
    from, Laura.

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