(For Those Interested in making use of “wasted” time) The Free “Basics of Effortless Chant” + the Family Life Disruptions of Being a Perfectionist

chanttapesI got up really early this morning. (Did I even sleep last night?  Not really sure!) Made a cup of my favorite fake coffee, and got right back to work on the “Basics of Effortless Chant” (to find out more about the origins of this, click here.)

(By the way, the people closest to me get this glazed look on their faces when I start creating something.  They know I end up working an insane number of hours and I become extremely unavailable for what others would call normal life activities.  Oh well, that’s just how it is, so here we go!)

Anyway, I’m creating the “Basics of Effortless Chant” for folks who are interested in mining spiritual gold from time that is typically wasted on a daily basis.

And, originally, this free training was going to cost $97.  But since (a) I really enjoy giving things away (b) it’s a way to thank you for all the great comments and feedback you’ve given me, and (c) I really think this will create an almost magical shift in your spiritual awareness…I’m going to just give this thing away.

At least for now.  I may include it in an official training program later on…I haven’t decided yet. So…

Here’s What I’d Love For You To Do

If you are really serious about harvesting lost time and using it for your spiritual advancement, and you want me to show you how,…then I’d really really really (from the bottom of my heart) appreciate it if you’d click on this link and fill out this three question survey. It will take 3 minutes. The first question is : What free product about using chant as a way to “automatically meditate” (even while you’re doing other things) would you LOVE for me to create for you?

I want to hear exactly what YOU want.  And as a “thank you” you’ll get the product I’m creating (right now) for free.  It’s that simple.

Anyway, I’d be so grateful if you’d click here and fill out my short survey. Just let me know what YOU hope this thing can do for you.

Many Thanks!
With Love,







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