Solve Your Problems with Chant

You have the innate ability to solve your problems.
And you can access that ability through chant.


Every Problem? Really?

Join me as we find the spiritual pathway to the solution to every problem. “How can that be possible?” you might ask.  The answer is simpler than you might expect.  Problems are not what they appear to be.  Don’t be fooled by your problems!  They come to you  in disguise.  Discover their truth and free yourself.  Freedom is your inner truth, and these problems can change right before your eyes.

Chant #1 on the Access Album (click the play button above to listen) contains an embedded problem-solving formula.   You can simply listen to get the effect or you can dive deeper and get the full value from this chant.

It’s Ready NOW – Start Immediately!

The “How to Solve Your Problems Using Chant #1 of the Access Album”
Audio eCourse is Now Available

chantbuttonIn these 5 brief recordings, you get the instructions, the “Aha”s, and the perspective you need to start using this chant to solve your problems.  You also get the mp3 of the chant.

This is a spiritual approach to life that guarantees a shift in how you view life, an increase in your joy, love, and inner peace, and radical shift in your point of attraction so that things that see like problems today can start to look very different to you by tomorrow.

Please use headphones when listening to the chant.

Live Online Seminar

I believe that this topic is so important that I am also including a live (online) seminar for those who jump on board right away.  On this webcast, we will go even deeper into the practice of using chant as a spiritual tool.  We will practice together and I’ll give you a specific technique that will drastically increase the power of this chant for you.

When you buy the course HERE you will automatically have a spot reserved for you at the live event (to be scheduled).  If you cannot make it live, you will be able to submit your questions and I will cover them on the call.  All members will receive the recording.  This live call (and the recording) is for members only and will not be available to the general public.



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