Solve Your Problems with Chant

You have the innate ability to solve your problems.
And you can access that ability through chant.


Every Problem? Really?

Join me as we find the spiritual pathway to the solution to every problem. “How can that be possible?” you might ask.  The answer is simpler than you might expect.  Problems are not what they appear to be.  Don’t be fooled by your problems!  They come to you  in disguise.  Discover their truth and free yourself.  Freedom is your inner truth, and these problems can change right before your eyes.

Chant #1 on the Access Album (click the play button above to listen) contains an embedded problem-solving formula.   You can simply listen to get the effect or you can dive deeper and get the full value from this chant.

It’s Ready NOW – Start Immediately!

The “How to Solve Your Problems Using Chant #1 of the Access Album”
Audio eCourse is Now Available

chantbuttonIn these 5 brief recordings, you get the instructions, the “Aha”s, and the perspective you need to start using this chant to solve your problems.  You also get the mp3 of the chant.

This is a spiritual approach to life that guarantees a shift in how you view life, an increase in your joy, love, and inner peace, and radical shift in your point of attraction so that things that see like problems today can start to look very different to you by tomorrow.

Please use headphones when listening to the chant.

Live Online Seminar

I believe that this topic is so important that I am also including a live (online) seminar for those who jump on board right away.  On this webcast, we will go even deeper into the practice of using chant as a spiritual tool.  We will practice together and I’ll give you a specific technique that will drastically increase the power of this chant for you.

When you buy the course HERE you will automatically have a spot reserved for you at the live event (to be scheduled).  If you cannot make it live, you will be able to submit your questions and I will cover them on the call.  All members will receive the recording.  This live call (and the recording) is for members only and will not be available to the general public.



Today is the Day to Start Chanting…


In the Basics of Effortless Chant ecourse I talk a lot about the technique of receptive chant.  This is where you receive the energy of the chant through listening rather than vocalizing.  It has a different function and it serves to release resistance and bring you into alignment with your Divine Essence.

The four chants on the Access CD are are created to do just that: Give you access to the Divine hum within you.  They bring that awareness to the foreground of your experience of being YOU!

More coming soon about this.  For now… get the chants, and simply start listening.

To get the desired effect, please use headphones.




“The Basics of Effortless Chant” is Ready for You!

So, the other day I asked if you were interested in the free “Basics of Effortless Chant” ecourse I was making.  I didn’t want to spend a whole lot of time making this if no one was interested, so I asked you to let me know if you wanted this.


I figured if enough people were interested, I’d create it.  Well, the signups have been streaming in and the numbers have spoken. I’m convinced that you want it.

Such Beautiful Responses!

I was actually blown away by the response. Especially the survey comments.
I have been pouring over your survey answers, and the level of awareness, and sincerity, and downright poetic expression, is humbling!

Thank you for your thoughtful and authentic responses. This interaction between us is what creates tremendous value because when I know what you want, it is sooooo much easier for me to build it.

It’s a Good Kind of Surprised

I’ve been working with people remotely for so long doing energy work, and yet I have hardly mentioned the music. Not sure why, I just haven’t.  I had no idea this would strike such a chord 🙂  or that I’d be showing you how I do this. I’m surprised – but it’s a good kind of surprised. I’m actually thrilled that you are interested in this because it is so powerful for me, and it does something nothing else can do.

chantdreamsAs Promised – Here it Is

Anyway, I promised all the folks who are interested in this, a 100% free basic training.
So here it is.

Get Your first day of The Basics of Effortless Chant HERE  <<– CLICK


  • This is a three day audio ecourse. You’ll get a
    new lesson each day for 3 days.
  • To build the basics of inner peace, you’ll get a
    short chant recording to practice with – fast and easy.
  • To make your new effortless practice empowering and
    effective, you’ll learn the two modes of chant and when and
    how to use them.
  • You’ll start developing the skills and understanding that carry
    you to a more pure vibration.  This way, you’ll be prepared
    when the “Access” album comes out on August 8th, 2016.
    You’ll be able to use it more effectively and on a more
    advanced level.
  • You are a complex being.  You operate on many levels.
    Here, you’ll understand the role of the conscious and
    the unconscious mind in effectively using chant so that you
    address the many levels of your consciousness.
  • Time is quickly becoming one of our most precious
    commodities.  Here, you’ll start harvesting unused time
    in your day and begin using it to effortlessly raise your vibration
    and lift yourself to a place of inner peace, calm, and trust that all is well.

Get Started with Day #1 Instantly CLICK HERE

In Love & Harmony,














(For Those Interested in making use of “wasted” time) The Free “Basics of Effortless Chant” + the Family Life Disruptions of Being a Perfectionist

chanttapesI got up really early this morning. (Did I even sleep last night?  Not really sure!) Made a cup of my favorite fake coffee, and got right back to work on the “Basics of Effortless Chant” (to find out more about the origins of this, click here.)

(By the way, the people closest to me get this glazed look on their faces when I start creating something.  They know I end up working an insane number of hours and I become extremely unavailable for what others would call normal life activities.  Oh well, that’s just how it is, so here we go!)

Anyway, I’m creating the “Basics of Effortless Chant” for folks who are interested in mining spiritual gold from time that is typically wasted on a daily basis.

And, originally, this free training was going to cost $97.  But since (a) I really enjoy giving things away (b) it’s a way to thank you for all the great comments and feedback you’ve given me, and (c) I really think this will create an almost magical shift in your spiritual awareness…I’m going to just give this thing away.

At least for now.  I may include it in an official training program later on…I haven’t decided yet. So…

Here’s What I’d Love For You To Do

If you are really serious about harvesting lost time and using it for your spiritual advancement, and you want me to show you how,…then I’d really really really (from the bottom of my heart) appreciate it if you’d click on this link and fill out this three question survey. It will take 3 minutes. The first question is : What free product about using chant as a way to “automatically meditate” (even while you’re doing other things) would you LOVE for me to create for you?

I want to hear exactly what YOU want.  And as a “thank you” you’ll get the product I’m creating (right now) for free.  It’s that simple.

Anyway, I’d be so grateful if you’d click here and fill out my short survey. Just let me know what YOU hope this thing can do for you.

Many Thanks!
With Love,







4-The FINAL Call – (Update on my Effortless Chant Program)

chantvibratesOk, it’s happening!

Here’s An Update on my “Basics of Effortless Chant” project:

I sent out an email asking if anyone was interested in going deeper with the chants I’m about to release.  I wanted to see if you’re interested in a complimentary training I’ve been THINKING about putting together.


I didn’t want to make this thing if you didn’t want it… so I created an “interest email list” to gauge the interest. (If enough people joined the interest list, I promised I’d make it  and give it to you.)

The Results: Yes! Enough people joined.

So I am going to make it. IF you’re on the interest list, you’ll be getting it as soon as it’s done.

Final Call

Starting tomorrow, only the people on that special “Basics of Effortless Chant interest list” will receive the inside scoop on my upcoming chant training and they are the only ones who will get it for free when it’s ready.


(I’m creating a separate list because I know there are some people on the main YOFA mailing list who might not be interested in this, and I don’t want to bother them with any more mailings about this if this is not their cup of tea.)

So, if you want to get the free “Basics of Effortless Chant” program when it comes out, and if you want all the good stuff I’ve got coming your way, I highly suggest you click here and join the “Basics of Effortless Chant interest list.” Okay?


Now I’m off to work on this.  But rest assured that if you’ve signed up, you’ll be getting some very useful and powerful information from me very soon.

And by the way, if you’re not interested in this free training, that’s fine too.  You’ll see that these emails will thin out quite a bit.  And you’ll still be able to get the music when it’s released.

With Love,

Can You Really Recycle Your Wasted Time?

Have you heard this new YOFA Chant yet?

[Note #1: So I’m thinking about giving away a free product for you… that is IF you’re potentially interested in using the new YOFA Chants for spiritual awakening. I’ve already started creating this free product for you, but It’s still going to take some significant work for me to complete it, so before I go any further with this, I want to make sure you actually want it.  (I have fun creating all this stuff and then the geek in me has to sit down and do all the work!) More details at the bottom of this article.]

In a hurry?  Click here to let me know you want it!

[Note #2: In case you’re wondering, this post is a FOLLOW UP TO THIS POST and a few others which you can find once you’re there.  It is the responses to these posts that are guiding my process.  I want you to have the training that you are specifically seeking.]

The Story of How YOFA® Chant Came About

As most of you know from reading my book, I have devoted myself to the spiritual application of Law of Attraction.

Which has a lot to do with meditation. And meditation is easy for some people.

But not me.

Or at least it wasn’t until I discovered the system that I describe in the book Rooted in the Infinite. The YOFA® System of Inner Alignment is the most effective system of meditation (for me) for wrangling the busy, disruptive, egocentric mind into an energized and beneficial partner in life.

But you still have to do it in order to get the results. And quite frankly, you and I don’t always find the time, or make it a priority. (Well, maybe you do, but I don’t.)   And even when we do, we can still use some support while we’re not sitting in meditation, and while we’re doing everything else we do.

And so…

I Knew It Had to Get Easier…

Spirit is simple. God is everywhere. I knew there had to be an effortless way to tap into the Divine Love, the Inner Peace, and the Spiritual Ecstasy of pure consciousness that is our true nature. It suddenly became very clear to me.

What’s easier than listening to music? What is more effortless than swaying to a steady rhythm or humming a familiar melody?

In a hurry?  Click here to let me know you want it!

This is when it occurred to me that music is the universal spiritual solvent. When properly and deliberately applied:

  • It dissolves the ego
    • Spiritual practice aims at this but music can accomplish it instantaneously.
  • It makes memorization effortless
    • Words have power. By memorizing certain beneficial phrases or sacred verses, we can nourish our field of consciousness. We automatically memorize songs when the lyrics repeat.
  • It fills the space of consciousness and displaces everything else.
    • Have you ever tried to hum a song when a different song is playing? It’s very difficult! When you fill your consciousness with deliberate music, you displace unwanted mental patterns.

I Wonder What the Neighbors Think…

A melody will often come to me while I’m walking my dog. And so there I am, singing into my iPhone on Jackson Avenue, nodding to the school bus drivers waiting for the kids to descend, smiling at the toddlers wanting to pet my furry companion, and doing my best to stay focused on the new chant that is coming through.

Sometimes these melodies stay on my phone literally for years before they turn into anything. I might use them in the silence of my process. I might invite them to work for me in different situations.

But basically, they get moved from phone to phone. They sit there until their time is right. But I treat them with respect because they were able to cut through the mental patterns of my conscious mind and be heard by me. And once they become a full blown chant, they work for me very powerfully.

An Unexpected Reason Not to Listen in the Car

People laugh at me when I say, “Don’t listen while driving.” But I mean it! Even my speaking voice has been known to cure insomnia, so please don’t listen while driving! But here’s a note I got about one of my chants from someone with another reason not to listen in the car:

“I’m pulling over to tell u it is beautiful and I’m balling. It touched my heart. Fantastic”

Music can touch us deeply. And deliberate music can work for us effortlessly. And profoundly.

Bamboo Chants Work Fast

There’s an old story of the Chinese bamboo tree. You can water it and nurture it for a whole year and nothing shows. Two years go by. Then three. It seems useless. Nothing is happening. Four years later, still nothing. And then after five years the tree will grow to 80 feet in just 6 weeks!

Much of this music that I’m about to release has been dormant on my phone, on my computer, in my creative awareness, in my guitar, all over the place in my life, dormant for many years.

It is Sprouting

And not only is the music coming forward now, but so is its very specific effectiveness. It is growing at a rapid pace (even though the music can be quite slow). This music “meditates you.”

Whether you choose to sit on a cushion and engage in a formal meditation practice or you just want to do the dishes or cut vegetables, your headphones become your partner in awakening. I’m thrilled to be presenting the first track here and I’m really looking forward to sharing the next three tracks with you.

So Here’s What I’m Coming To… Here’s What I’m Considering… Here’s What Can Be Yours (Maybe)…

Click here to let me know you want it!

Here’s the deal.

The amount of time that you are doing mindless tasks or chores in your life far exceeds the amount of time you are sitting and meditating, even if you have a solid regular practice.

All that time is pure gold.

But it is usually wasted.

It is brilliant, shimmering potential spiritual wealth, but goes down the drain every single day.

Chant recycles wasted timeI’d like to suggest an alternative: Instead of wasting all that time, mine it.

Because with each passing day, minutes, probably hours go by unconsciously, without being harvested. All that time, or any part of it, can be used in your effortless spiritual practice.

Time wasted cannot be recovered. But you can start at any time and begin moving yourself into greater joy, greater harmony, and a more pure state of inner peace by simply using even a small portion of that time to effortlessly tune yourself to your essence. You simply let the music “meditate you.”

The Time Has Come for an Effortless Spiritual Practice That Recycles the Wasted Moments in the Day and Uses Them to Build Your Spiritual Awakening and to Raise Your Vibration

Click here to let me know you want it!

It’s time for you to be more spiritually efficient with your time. If you have trouble finding time to meditate, use the time when you are doing other things to elevate your awareness and purify your point of attraction.

I want this for you if you want this for you. I know that you can alter your reality, shift your consciousness, and begin manifesting on a whole new level, by simply using the time that you have been throwing away each and every day.

I want to Make a Free Training For You If You’re Interested in Using These Chants as Effortless Metaphysical Tools

I’ve been privileged to do remote energy work with people for many years now. (I lose count!) Now, the idea of using music to achieve certain results in your life is filling the air around me and it is intoxicating!

I will be releasing the first four tracks on an EP called Access on August 8th, 2016. You can just listen to them while you do other things and that will work. But some of you will want to go deeper. And I want to know who you are.

So… to test the waters, I’m thinking about making a value packed 100% free product for you: “The Basics of Effortless Chant”

If you’re serious about recycling even some of your wasted time, and turning it into beneficial awakening, here is what “The Basics of Effortless Chant” will include:

  • A 3-Part Audio eCourse
  • You’ll get the first part instantly, then part 2 the next day, and part 3 the day after that.
  • Learn the 2 main modes of chant
  • Use a surprisingly simple visualization to get the chant working for you
  • A brief basic YOFA Chant recording (Included for download)
  • Find out the role of the conscious mind in boosting the power of the chant
  • Discover the role of the unconscious in using the chant to create a profound shift
  • Start harvesting lost time and making it work for you

But Here’s the Catch

I know myself, and I’ve seen myself do this before. I have a tendency to blow this way out of proportion and make this a bigger package than it needs to be (or than you even want!)
So before I get carried away, I want to get a list of everyone who is interested in this free “Basics of Effortless Chant”

So Here’s What I Want You To Do

I’m making a list of everyone potentially interested in getting my free “Basics of Effortless Chant” training AND getting in at the start of all this.

Anyway, if you’re interested, then click one of the links on this page to add your name and email, and if I end up creating it, I’ll send it to you at the email address you give me (leaving a comment with what you’d like to get from this freebie would also help).


Click here to let me know you want it!

If enough people get on this “interest list” then I’ll complete this free thing and send it to EVERYONE on the interest list.

If no one wants the free “Basics of Effortless Chant”  then no worries.  It’s summertime. I’ll sit outside and enjoy the breeze. 🙂

With Love,

Click here to let me know you want it!

Here’s the First Track…

To get the maximum benefit from this music, use headphones, sit upright, and practice the meditation processes described in the book “Rooted in the Infinite.” Also listen while walking and doing chores. Some tracks can be beneficial for sleep. Do not listen while driving.

First of all, thanks to those who have offered such helpful and candid feedback.

[By the way, if you just landed here, you can catch up with the first post and the second post to get up to speed.]

Your comments have helped me see 2 main things:

  1. I wasn’t clear about my question
  2. You need to hear some of the music!

So let’s fix these up right now.

1 – The Music is Not in Question

guitar-twitterOne thing that I realized from the comments I’m getting is that I was not clear in communicating my question to you.

So thank you to those who have been encouraging me to move forward with my music.  I am very grateful for the encouragement and I assure you that I am doing that.  I’m actually quite involved in writing, creating, and producing, and it is one of the primary places where I am concentrating my energy and attention.

And I love hearing comments about your music too, from seasoned professionals to buds waiting to blossom. So, yes, I am making music again, and it’s new and different from what it used to be, and whether I end up releasing lots of it or not, I am definitely in a creative phase right now, and loving it!

So whether or not I’m moving forward with music is not the question…

The Question is This:

What if you could use this music to concentrate your energy and attention toward a whole new level of spiritual awakening?  Would you be interested in doing that with me?

The music will be there for you either way.

OmBut I will only create this training if there is enough interest.  And so my question to you is about that.  Do you want to engage in a spiritual and metaphysical exploration that opens you to new levels of awareness, perception, and manifestation?  That’s what we’ll be doing together if I create this program and you come on board.

So please let me know (in the comments) if the idea of spiritual awakening and transformation through music lights you up.

2 – Of course, you want to hear the music first…

The other thing that I’m hearing in the previous comments is that you want to hear the music before you decide if you want the training or not.


That makes a lot of sense.  So let’s do that right now!

I’ve arranged it so that if you can stream the first track right here in this page (scroll up and hit the play button),

And even better than that, if you pre-order the music HERE you’ll get the first track immediately for download (even though the album will not be officially released until August 8, 2016)!

Pretty cool, eh?

Take a listen and see if this music speaks to you.  If so, let me know in the comments and pre-order to download your first track.  You’ll get the rest as soon as it’s officially released.  If not, that’s fine too.  At least now you’ll have an idea of where we’re headed.

I’m looking forward to seeing where you will take this!

At the edge of my seat,











I Need Your Advice (please!) It’s about more than music…

[Note: In case you’re wondering, this post is a follow up to this]

Jasmine with my “Vanilla Guitar”

I know I kind of left you hanging with my last (unusually personal) post about my teenage years and my guitar, etc.

It’s just that I’ve been very back and forth about this.  In fact, up until this very minute I was not really sure if I wanted to go ahead with this at all.  I wasn’t ready to announce this yet.

It means going in a completely new direction and revealing a very personal side of myself. (Actually I’m still not 100% sure about this at all!)

So, even though I’ve been reluctant to share this personal work and music (that I use for myself), I am now at least tipping toward doing it. And when I look at my soul’s intention, I do think it is actually long overdue. So here goes…

Shine Your Light

As you might have noticed, I loooooove helping people shine their light. It’s one of my absolute favorite things to do.

When someone “lights up” as a result of my coaching, or energy sessions, or meditation practice, well, something in me glows brighter too.

I get emails like this and I know I’m on the right track:
(This one is from a recent energy clearing webcast)


This is just one email because I obviously can’t share all of them from all the years here. But if you have written to me, please know that I deeply appreciate knowing that my work assists you in finding your truth, your joy, and your jhe.

And here is the interesting thing. Over the years I have gotten many, many emails that make reference to my speaking voice. (Strange?!?) This has always been very surprising to me.

But now, as I am considering sharing my music with you as a transformational tool, I feel encouraged to move in this new direction, partly thanks to the many emails that span years. Here are just a couple (Thanks these people and to all who have written similarly):






I’m truly touched by these messages.

And so here I am. Teeter-tottering on the edge of …

…not only releasing a CD of original spiritual chants/songs, (yes, quite a departure from the old folksinger groove) but also thinking of teaching you how to use this music to tune your vibration, elevate your spiritual connection, and manifest more purely.

You see, when I was younger, my music used to be a vehicle for expression and performance. This has changed dramatically over the years.

It has become a very personal part of my spiritual path and I rarely if ever share my music with more than family and a couple of close friends. (And yes, I have put a few songs up on YouTube for the YOFA Community.)

But the time has come for me to release some of my songs for real. You’ll have them very soon. In fact they are in the process of being published on itunes, Amazon, etc. But the big question goes beyond the entertainment value of the songs.

And this is where you come in.

Even though it is a very personal and metaphysical inspiration that has been sourcing my new music, I’m seriously considering including you in it all by letting you in on the more esoteric aspects of how to use this music as a tool for:

  • Sitting Meditation
  • Meditation in Action
  • Spiritual Awakening
  • Healing
  • Manifestation
  • And More

This would mean sharing things that I’ve never publicly shared with ANYONE about using sound, music, and chant to transform your life in any direction you want to go.

(I would have loved having this training for myself, but it simply does not exist!)

If I Do This it Will Be a Lot of Work

I’m excited about sharing my music with you. But the question really is, “How deep do you want to go with this?”

I’m thinking about not only releasing the songs (that’s already in the works), but also showing you how to use them to get the most power out of them.

But if there is one thing I have learned about myself, it is that seemingly small projects quickly get out of hand and turn into big ones. (Just ask my family!)

I only want to do this (teach you the metaphysics of how to use these songs) if there is enough interest.

So I want to know:

  • What do you think?
  • Would you be interested in learning how to use these chants?
  • Which of the list above (meditation, healing, etc.) interests you most?

Your feedback and thoughts are absolutely the fuel and inspiration that keep this project going.

And I don’t want to even think about doing this until there is enough potential interest.

So, if you have a moment, please leave a comment below and let me know what you think. If you’re too shy to post, you can email me at rebbie(at), but since email can frequently get lost in the mountains of spam, I’d love it if you could simply post your thoughts right here in the comments.

It would mean a lot to me, and I’ll do my best to respond to each comment (and email).

With Love,




“YooHooo!” My teenage self is waving to me…

Hello from Rebbie of the past!

“YooHooo!” …

I know I often write to you about energy sessions and webinars, etc.

Well… Today is a bit different.

Today I’m parting the curtain and sharing something more personal. (In fact, it’s the kind of personal that makes me feel a little vulnerable.)

Here it is…

The One with the Guitar

I’m not sure why, but whenever I get even close to sharing my music I feel somewhat vulnerable.  It wasn’t always like this.

As a teenager in the late 60’s and early 70’s I almost always had a guitar over my shoulder.

I suppose it is true that we all looked pretty much alike back then. If I showed you a group picture, and said, “I’m the one with the long hair, frayed bell bottoms, and wire-rimmed glasses, well, you’d have trouble picking me out of the crowd.

The Case…

Rebbie's ancient guitar case

Can you see me carrying this around everywhere as a teenager?

But there was that guitar case (I still have it!), permanently fixed over my shoulder, possibly giving me a slight edge at individuality. On second thought, just about everyone else played guitar, too.

I recall telling my mother I was not going to college. I was heading out as a folksinger and I would just see where the path takes me.

Here’s a picture of me (about 1971?) playing at a “Hootenany” at the Bitter End in NYC.  It was a thing back then.  People were folksingers and I was one of them.






Thanks Mom

It’s many years later now. I often thank my mother’s spirit for somehow convincing me to head off to college anyway. I don’t know exactly how she did it, but I’m grateful that by the time the chiropractic light bulb went on over my head, I at least had a bachelor’s degree to start from.

Well, like I said, it’s many years later now and my teenage self is jumping up and down, trying to get my attention. She’s swinging the guitar by the neck as if to flag me down.

Something is Happening…

She knows I’m about to do something she never got to do. In those days it wasn’t possible. She didn’t have the technology. She didn’t have the internet. She sees me perched and she wants to be a part of it. And of course I want her to be a part of it too.

I also want you to be a part of it.  I’ll tell you more and share what your part in all this is very soon.