YOFA Chant

When working with consciousness in harmony with Law of Attraction we are always engaged in modulating our vibration. Law of attraction brings things of a like vibration together. And so our attention is on our vibration.

As we modulate our vibration we are bringing ourselves into alignment with the true callings of our heart. We are bringing ourselves into harmony with love on all fronts, in all relationships, and in all ways.

So it makes perfect sense for us to do this with chant.

Music is one of the most powerful ways to work with vibration in a way that touches deeply into the human heart.

And the heart chakra expresses its joy as song. The voice rises from the love in the heart and it is from here that we sing. Any voice that rises form the heart is a beautiful voice. And so we can all sing out loud and participate in the YOFA Chant experience.

The simple melodies and the repetitions of the affirmations/prayers/mantras of the chants tonify the mind to be supportive of the soul’s intentions.

Just like the bones and muscles of the body support the intention of the person who moves through the action of those bones and muscles, the thoughts and ideas of the mind can support the higher intentions of the person who thinks with those thoughts and ideas. Often the mind can block our connection to spirit, but by harmonizing the thoughts through the power of the music and vitalized words of the YOFA Chants we can experience a release of resistance and blockage and achieve a sense of freedom and joy that are the hallmarks of Divine Love.