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Law of Attraction Quick Coaching

15 Minute Highly Focused Sessions (Can be longer)

A Whole New Concept in Coaching

If you are a student of Law of Attraction and you’d like your own private coach to help you bring your dreams into reality, read on.

As you become more and more attuned to working with Law of Attraction and following your own inner guidance, have you found that the coaches and counselors you have looked to in the past are no longer on the same page as you?

That’s where Quick Coaching comes in.

In a 15 minute session (may take longer), together, on the phone,
we can begin to tune your vibration and get profound results.


This process is designed to help you release resistance and change your point of attraction.  This coaching helps you bring yourself into alignment with your true desires.

Once you do that, your desires come to fulfillment more quickly and easily.

Begin training yourself into joy, success, and great relationships.
Quick Coaching offers a unique solution:

  • Issue based sessions
  • No long term commitment
  • Affordable
  • Promotes your empowerment

Single Session

You can sign up for a single 15 minute session or buy as many of these as you like. You can use them separately or merge them into longer sessions.  These also make great gifts.

Get Your session here: Single Session $45

Weekly Momentum

Get yourself on track with regularly scheduled sessions 4x/month.  You know what you don’t want.  Right?  Now it’s time to  start vibrating in harmony with what you do want.

Sign up for weekly sessions here: 4 Sessions per month $180/month