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You can use this meditation any day of the year! It is here to help you let go of past patterns so that you can step into the new moment with clarity, intention, and satisfaction.


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Bring your physical and/or emotional distress to the next online event and be prepared for it to dissolve in the space of this session. Be ready to let go of it.

As we detangle the energy pattern that is holding the "problem" together, the problem disappears.

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Meditation, Healing, Manifestation, and More


YOFA® Inner Alignment Meditation is perfect for beginners and for people with deep experience with meditation.

You can learn and practice on your own with the book or join the online meditation center for profound and rapid results.

Pave the way for your life to unfold with greater joy, ease, and abundance.

The Book


In The Yoga of Alignment, you cultivate your inner alignment with your spiritual essence. As a member of The Journey 2U you receive 10 remote energy sessions every month. Become a member to boost healing from within, feel more like your best self, connect with your talent and power. Be your truly loving and lovable self!

The Journey 2U


These private remote sessions support you in finding your balance, your authentic empowerment, and the freedom to live your life as your most inspired self. Tools include YOFA Energy Clearing, Ho'oponopono, shamanic soul retrieval, cord cutting, power animal journeys, chumpi stone healing, and more.


YOFA® is also for your dog, cat, horse, etc. Our animal companions can benefit from group or private energy sessions and communication sessions. Help your animal companion more easily deal with unexpected events, health challenges, or behavior problems. Support a happy, waggily, loving disposition.

Step-by-Step Meditation Instruction

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Rooted in the Infinite

The Yoga of Alignment

The official handbook of YOFA® Meditation

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The YOFA® Meditation Center


The YOFA® Online Meditation Center was built for You.

Begin a meditation practice that leads you to:

  • Spiritual Awakening
  • Healing From Within
  • Joyful Manifestation

Come home to yourself.

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In this membership you learn a system of meditation to bring yourself into alignment with your essence. Here you do what only you can do for yourself. No one else can do this for you.


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“ Dear Rebbie,

I just want to thank you for the healing sessions. It just happens to be a time I can join. I am a ballet teacher and  teach morning and evening classes so afternoons are my only free time to join anything live.

I have been having hip problems related to aging and also demonstrating ballet too much for someone my age (now 73), but really injured my glutes on a 3-mile hike too soon after COVID and not being really in training for that long a hike (for me) over rocks and roots. That injury has spread around my hips for a few months now - going to semitendinoses and hamstrings and piriformis, etc. (As a chiropractor you probably know). I do all my healing modalities  and lots of rolling, but it has been very stubborn. And that is why I decided to join the healing sessions.

You are gifted, and I have felt gradual relief after every session - sometimes immediately and sometimes delayed. Anyway, it's been very helpful...

Love and Light,
Eileen McKee/Stardancer

The Yoga of Alignment



YOFA® Music promotes deep meditation and healing from within. Much of the music is free to stream on YouTube, Bandcamp, or other streaming sites.



Buy the Ancestral Forgiveness Chant training for healing relationships, body, and finances. Click below to find out more.

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A monthly membership may be exactly what you need to take command of your energy field, your physical well being, your relationships, and your life in general.


In this membership, I do remote energy sessions for you to bring you into alignment with your essence. Here I do for you what you might not be able to reach in your energy field to do for yourself.

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Remote Energy Sessions clear your energy field to promote healing from within. This helps with both acute and chronic problems. It can also be applied to heal difficult relationships or other life challenges. Release the heaviness and feel yourself step into your magnificence.

Dr. Rebbie Straubing

A Note From Rebbie

Hi Folks!

I'm so happy to welcome you to the YOFA® family of sincere seekers of truth, unconditional love, spiritual awakening, and all the good that is native to our human experience.

Whether you have been participating in YOFA® activities for years and years, or this is your first introduction, I know you will find something here today that will soothe your soul, offer an answer to something you have been asking, or simply allow you to feel like you are not alone in your sensitivity to energy and your desire for spiritual awakening.

If you are dealing with a big challenge in your life, and you are interested in private remote energy sessions with me, click the button below and let's see what the most efficient path is to your more joyful manifestation.

With Love,

Dr. Rebbie Straubing

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Dr. Rebbie Straubing is the founder of The Yoga of Alignment (YOFA) and the author of the book Rooted in the Infinite: The Yoga of Alignment. This system combines the ancient science of yoga meditation, the healing philosophy of chiropractic, and the metaphysics of Law of Attraction. Rebbie has developed several methods of remote energy work which she offers in private sessions and group membership. She is a retired chiropractor and certified clinical nutritionist, a certified advanced Ho'oponopono practitioner, a certified Animal Energy practitioner and Animal Communicator, and an Earth-keeper, Pampamesayoq lineage holder of the Inca Shamans in the lineage of the Q'eros of Peru.  In her children's book, The Bizarre Behavior of Basketball Bailey the Brave: In Search of a Superpower, she introduces children to the notion of inner guidance and accessing inner knowing through communication with the higher self. Rebbie's spiritual chants are also available on most platforms that stream music.

Reviews from YOFA® Participants:

“Rebbie is an amazing teacher, practitioner, healer. Her sessions always bring results that are insightful, gentle & yet quite powerful. I love working with Rebbie!" 

- Carol M.

“Rebbie’s energy is powerful and gentle.
Her sessions are joyful yet calm. Her energizing and relaxing guidance comes right through the screen. Rebbie is the real deal!!"

- Machi T

“Rebbie's YOFA Remote Energy sessions ground and support me in my daily life. Sometimes, before I receive notification of the energy session, I've already experienced what the session worked on. And even if I don't immediately "notice" the work of the session, the work is going on below, above and beyond my consciousness to bring joy and harmony in my life. I don't remember exactly when Rebbie and I connected, but it's been well over 10 years ago. These sessions have enhanced and facilitated my growth over the years. I am grateful for her work." 

- Carol W.

“Although I don't have a regular connection with Rebbie, I have come back to her again and again over the years to get a 'refill'. I trust her, I appreciate her approach, her wisdom, her energy, her music, her voice... and so whenever I'm in a position to take advantage of some of her energy sessions I do so. Rebbie is also generous and very accessible."

- Fiona C.

"Rebbie hit the nail on the head describing what the thinking process of depression is like. For the first time in decades of being depressed and spending years in therapy I felt heard. She truly is one of a kind."

- Talitha P.

"Rebbie is truly a gift to all those lucky enough to work with her. She is so in tune with the universe and truly cares about the well-being of others.

Rebbie's energy sessions have helped me overcome some daily stresses and anxieties that have plagued me for years. Through mindful meditation and Rebbie's energy work, I have been able to become more present in my everyday being and grateful for the here and now. Her emails are so informative and I look forward to reading each one as they arrive.

Additionally, we subscribe to Rebbie's Yofa Dogs energy sessions for our two pups and we have seen such a difference in their overall demeanor and the way they take part in our household. Only blessings can come from working with YOFA."

Paula M.