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  • YOFA Meditation Center - Develop a powerful meditation practice
  • The Journey 2U - Remote energy sessions - like a multivitamin for your energy field
  • Yofa Dogs - Animal communication and remote energy sessions for your animal companion(s)

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How to Heal With Your Hands

Develop the ability to feel energy with your hands.

Empower yourself with this simple technique.

During this online workshop you will begin feeling energy (guaranteed) and learn how to use it to help your loved ones.

You can help people, animals, even trees and plants.

Once you know how to do this you no longer have to sit idly by and watch the ones you love suffer. Whether it be an elderly parent, a young child, a beloved golden retriever, or a weeping willow, you will be able to help.

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Relationship Miracles through Ancestral Healing

Can listening to a chant heal your most difficult relationships? Can it transform your relationship with money? Can it activate self healing within your body?

In these eight audio modules you will learn the metaphysical mechanism that makes the ancestral forgiveness miracles happen. In these lessons you will learn how to make the chant your own. You will begin to modify it and adapt it so that it works powerfully in the specifics of your life and your relationships. All you have to do is listen.

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