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You Can Clear Your Own Energy Field and Create Miracles

  • Heal your body from within.
  • Make peace in difficult relationships.
  • Attract to you what is dearest to you heart.
  • Awaken your spiritual clarity
  • Build personal confidence
  • And much more

The YOFA Ancestral Forgiveness Chant

Use the YOFA Ancestral Forgiveness Chant to clear static from your energy field and invite miracles into your life.

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Download this chant!

Download this chant!

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About Headphones

Headphones are always recommended for YOFA Chants. They offer a more immersive experience and promote a state shift. 

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Download this chant!

Agape Love Chant

This chant comes from Rickie Byars' Agape Chant Collection. Download the YOFA version of this chant here. 

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