Animal Energy Work and Communication

You love your animal companion so much. I know you do. And when they are hurting it can be almost unbearable for us. When you need a love connection to communicate with, or send healing energy to, your dog or other animal companion, this is for you. All sessions are remote so you can be anywhere on the globe. You only need to be able to access email.

Private session $220

Membership $50/month

Private Session

What can this do for you?

Private Sessions

Feel the Love

Communication: Get direct communication with your beloved animal companion.

Get insight into what your animal companion is feeling and send messages that help prepare your pet for changes such as trips, vet visits, times when you'll be away, etc. Sometimes communication and energy work will also overlap in the same session. You can also communicate with pets who have passed on.

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Healing: Get help when you need it most.

You can also use private sessions as healing* sessions for your pet who is experiencing physical, emotional, or behavior challenges. These sessions powerfully promote your dog's natural ability to heal. Animals have an incredible ability to heal from within. They don't have the same mental blocks that we do. They tend to respond to YOFA Energy Session with rapid resolution of problems. Of course it can take a series of sessions in many cases, but the results are undeniable. Sometimes communication and energy work will also overlap in the same session. Since the session is unique to your pet, I do whatever will work the best and the fastest in your individual case.

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Group Sessions

Keep the Energy Clear

Group Energy Work: Help your animal companion activate their inner healing abilities.

Yofa Dogs Remote Energy Sessions exert a profound healing power and your dog or cat or horse, etc. can be extremely receptive to this soothing and balancing energy. If you don't feel the need for private sessions, you can become a member. Yofa Dogs membership is like a multivitamin for the energy field. Your pet will receive four remote sessions every month.

These sessions are of a more general nature and I do them for all the members at once. Yofa Dogs membership is recommended whether you do private sessions or not.

Here is what one member has to say:

"We subscribe to Rebbie's Yofa Dogs energy sessions for our two pups and we have seen such a difference in their overall demeanor and the way they take part in our household. Only blessings can come from working with YOFA." - Paula M.

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Animal Communication is a Powerful Way to Connect

"Thank you, Rebbie ~your warm reading from Lou Lou brings tears to my eyes.."
-Lorrie Wessel - Proud Owner of a Grand Champion Collie

"I've had a number of animal communication sessions over a period of years, and I know how wonderful they can be so my expectations were high. The session with Rebbie exceeded my expectations."
-Carol Peck  

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Animals are sensitive to energy. That's why they know things before we do. This works out very well for us when we want to help our furry family members. They respond well to remote energy work. They also prove the power of telepathy with their heart to heart communications.

Yofa Dogs Sessions and Membership are not just for dogs, They are open to cats and horses, etc. So, when I talk about dogs, everything applies to other animals too.

The Yofa Dogs Membership is for everyone, all the time. It is for the general well being and maintenance of good energy alignment in your animal family members.

Private Sessions are for specific moments when you need more personalized attention for a certain physical, emotional, or behavioral issue with your animal companion. By balancing and clearing the energy, it opens the way for more rapid healing* and for solutions to become more apparent.

Private Sessions

Private sessions are all done remotely so you can be anywhere on the globe and still benefit from these sessions. They can be animal communication, energy work, or a combination of both.

Why Private Sessions?

These are especially helpful in the following situations to help your dog feel more peaceful about an upcoming change in routine:

  • If you are going away on vacation and leaving your dog with someone else or in a kennel.
  • Before a visit to the vet or before a procedure.
  • Before a long trip in the car or on a plane.
  • To give your dog a heads up when you are about to adopt a new animal family member

Other situations when people typically have a communication session

  • When considering adopting a new puppy you can communicate with the puppy
  • To help sort out difficult behavior patterns
  • When you just want to make sure they know how much you love them

Energy healing sessions* for animals can help bring forward their innate ability to heal from within. If your dog is suffering in any way, YOFA Energy Sessions are highly recommended.

How it Works

Once you sign up for a private session, you will receive a short list of questions about your animal (name, age, etc.) You will email your answers to me along with a picture or two or three.

I will do the session on my own. Once I am done, I will send you an audio message with how it went and what I did.

Private Session $220

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A Yofa Dogs Membership is like an energy multivitamin for your fur babies. When you sign up you can register up to 3 animals within the same household.

Why Yofa Dogs Membership?

You love your dog(s). Of course you do! Well, sometimes they get stressed. They don't experience it the same way we do. And they don't express it the same way we do.

But they definitely feel better when their energy field gets smoothed out. When your dog becomes a member of Yofa Dogs, they get included in 4 energy sessions every month. They will thank you in smiles and hugs and with a general sense of well-being that can spill over to you too.

How it Works

When you sign up for Yofa Dogs you'll register up to 3 animals in your household. That's it. There's nothing else to do. I will send you an email after each session. I do 4 sessions each month. Most people keep their dogs on indefinitely for the long term, cumulative benefits of the sessions.

Membership is $50/month or $500/year for up to 3 dogs in one household


Dr. Rebbie Straubing is a certified Animal Energy (TM) practitioner

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