When You're Ready to Get Serious

About Your Inner Alignment...

Join these memberships to make your inner alignment a part of your daily life.

  • Join the meditation center to start (or step up) your inner alignment meditation
  • Join the Journey 2U to vitalize your energy field through ongoing remote energy sessions.
  • Join Yofa Dogs to extend the power of inner alignment to your fur baby.

The YOFA Meditation Center

No one can establish your relationship with you but you. Develop your inner alignment and watch every aspect of your life find its balance and harmony.

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The Journey 2U

Some areas of our inner alignment can use a little outside help. YOFA Remote Energy Sessions give your inner alignment a boost. Knowing you have a constant, loving flow of support can make all the difference.

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Yofa Dogs

Our animal companions are always juggling their own instincts and their desire to be a beneficial member of our human family. Sometimes things can get off balance. The Yofa Dogs membership sends a steady stream of harmonizing energy to your dog or cat or horse, etc.

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